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Camo Confusion

April 15, 2014   

People get letters from companies all the time. Usually at the top, center of them, you will find its name, address, and phone number. This provides a great service as you know exactly how to contact them with the good and bad response to the service(s) they have or have not provided for you. But be careful, your responses can get you into big trouble if you are to disgruntled. John ended up in jail beacause of the information letterheads gave him. He loved camo and was not pleased when his order came and was pink!! Why, that just isn’t manly. He quickly went to the office listed at the top of his invoice to show his disapproval and that landed our angry redneck friend in jail! John won’t be quite ready for hunting season just yet.

How A Busy Mom Stays Sane

April 11, 2014   

I have been married for 10 years. My husband and I have two wonderful sons. I also work full-time as a teacher. Being married with children and working full-time does take its toll sometimes. However, I have found ways to keep myself sane. Even though I am very busy,

I occasionally get a day to myself. I may spend the day shopping or hanging out with friends. I may also spend the day getting pampered. I often spend the day at the spa getting a Manchester thai massage, my hair done or my nails done.

In addition to having me days, I also take the time to relax each day. I only get about an hour to myself every day, and I take full advantage of it. I spend my alone time exercising, reading a book or watching one of my favorite television shows.

Follow Your Destiny

March 16, 2014   

Tammy, a senior in college, is on the brink of becoming the lawyer that her parents dreamt that she would be. Tammy’s parents, Sabrina and John, are two of the best lawyers in the state. They both did not have parents that could pay for their college like Tammy’s. Never in her life has she ever wanted anything. However, there is something that Tammy longs for. Becoming a lawyer was only something that her parents wanted. Tammy desired to be a makeup artist Manchester for the stars. She expressed this to her parents. They became livid and disowned her. How can her own parents disown her for following her dreams? Tammy followed her dreams however, and became a renowed, and making millions. She made more than what she made as a lawyer! This is the life she dreamt.

The Slippery Drive

February 6, 2014   

One winter we had an unusual freeze and snow. It had taken down power lines and caused roads to be very slippery.

Because our power had been out we had stayed in town for a couple of days but we knew we had to get home to feed the dogs and cat. We lived at the top of a steep hill and knew it would be almost impassable without help so we bought some rock salt to spread on the road the melt the ice so our tires could get purchase. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy enough and we got the bottom part of the hill but not the top and we would hit the ice halfway up the hill and start to slide. So we revved up at the bottom of the hill and built up good speed and finally made it to the top of the hill.

Shenanigans Abroad

January 28, 2014   

Abe walked outside to get some morning air. Though he was very fond of the quaint smallness of Premier Inn hotels in London he was excited to go about the city today. He considered the scones at the bakery across the street. He stood at the corner waiting to cross when he heard some shouting, “Leo! Leo!” It sounded like the bellows were coming from the bus. In trance, Abe continued to stand at the corner. “Leo! Leo!” he continued to hear. Three young girls got off the bus at the stop a few feet down the street and began running in his direction. He noticed a young boy not far from him had the biggest most prepubescent smile on his freckly face. “Calm down ladies,” he said while taking his hands from his pockets. He began to wrap them skillfully around all three girls. “Thanks for giving me your rubber today,” the girl on the right with Leo’s arm all to herself said. Abe thought about how cute and how very universal young girls were in the way they squealed over crushes. Abe finally found a break in traffic and crossed the street to the bakery. “Wait,” he thought. “What was that young girl doing taking a rubber from Leo?”

Practicing Proper Part Procedure

January 18, 2014   

Do you know the value of packing duplicate sets of parts and tools for whatever job you may be working on? Unfortunately, I learned that lesson the hard way. In all my years as a contractor, I’d never run into the problem before. But there’s a first time for everything, and before I knew it, I was forced to drop everything to go out and retrieve a spare pair of parts. This meant wasting hours upon hours of time that could be used for the task at hand. It also put me in dutch with the people who hired me. In the end, I’ve decided that it’s just simpler to keep a spare set of parts with me for whatever the job may be. Don’t make the same mistake I did, do yourself a favor and be sure to bring a duplicate set of parts to your next job; you’ll be glad you did.